• Heather Rottenberger

You need to know about ODOT's New Amazing Brine Tank

Brine Tank System

J Feldkamp Design Build has wrapped up work at the Ohio Department of Transportation's new facility in Greene County. One notable feature is the new brine system, which includes a 32,000-gallon tank that stores brine and aqua salina. These solutions are used to treat roads in preparation for winter storms.

Also, included at the new site is a 6,000-square foot salt barn, a 10,400-square foot cold storage building, and a 31,000-square foot main building, which will contain ODOT offices, vehicle/truck storage, a mechanics bay, mechanical storage, and a wash bay.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

JFDB installed two 35,000-psi hot water, Hyrdo Tek pressure washers in the wash bay for cleaning ODOT vehicles after they return from pre-treating and plowing snow covered roads. Our team also installed a compressed air system and air drop hose reel for the mechanics bay.

An oil hose reel bank was also installed in the mechanics bay, which is connected to the oil and lubrication system and storage tanks for use by mechanics to maintain ODOT vehicles.

JFDB was excited to be a apart of this project that improved ODOT's facilities before the cold weather arrives. Cincinnati weather keeps the community on its toes, but with more space and improved facilities ODOT has the capability to better serve the community.