• Heather Rottenberger

Maintaining Employee Comfort

Updated: May 24, 2019

The workplace is an important part of any company. If employees are not happy or not comfortable the whole company can suffer. Inefficiency in the workplace is often caused by employees who cannot focus. However, if a company can prevent a some of the causes of employee discomfort, they can maintain higher levels of efficiency. Maintaining a comfortable workplace can ensure employees can work effectively and efficiently. Two aspects of employee comfort are temperature and humidity. Comfortable employees are better able to focus on important tasks. Sometimes discomfort may come from a un-maintained HVAC system.

How healthy is your HVAC system?

An HVAC/R is a very complex system of moving parts. To keep this system running at peak efficiency it is essential to maintain the system. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that maintaining an HVAC system simply means changing the air filter. Just as a car is regularly maintained with oil, lubrication, air filters, coolant and much more; an HVAC system requires similar maintenance. An HVAC unit is an engine, similar to a car, it needs to be serviced on a regular basis. By cleaning, servicing, and checking the system it can run at maximum efficiency keeping your staff and customers comfortable.

The more often your company's system is serviced, the better your system will run. Maintaining an efficient system can help companies avoid costly system repairs or high energy bills caused by inefficiency of the system. Servicing an HVAC system routinely will keep repair costs and energy bills lower while extending the life of the system.

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