Pipe Fitting

J. Feldkamp Design Build is a full service pipe fitting and installation company. We are a recognized leader in the Cincinnati area for many mechanical services. We provide a variety of pipefitting design and construction services including the installation of steel, PVC, stainless, welded or threaded pipe for process equipment, medical gas, as well as HVAC services. This includes steam piping, natural gas piping, oil piping, compressed air piping, process piping, and medical gas piping. We provide complete installation and repair of any and all piping problems. We are licensed pipe fitters in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Our service technicians have years of experience and the right tools to guarantee the highest quality welds and products.


Our staff is very committed and stands behind our technicians every step of the way. Guaranteeing that the work provided is up to standard and has been pressure tested and holds even higher than the pressure needed.


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