Design, then build

Design is our name and it is what we do best. We offer the most prestigious products in the industry and are second to none in Greater Cincinnati. Our staff is highly trained with extensive experience allowing our options to be limitless. We first analyze our customers needs and limitations to make sure our visions align perfectly. Next we begin planning. Our extraordinary design team works hard on every project to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and efficiency as well as align with our customers expectations.


J. Feldkamp Design Build is able to offer incredible products to our customers not only because of our incredible staff but also because of our complete fabrication shop. With our enormous work shop in Cincinnati, we are able to create all of our products in house making our product higher quality, cheaper in price and completed faster.

Everything starts with an idea, and we will take it from there. Anything from full service kitchen hoods to one upping your neighbors backyard. Our staff will help make your dream come true.


For more information about design work or getting a quote please Contact Us!